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Supplier Benefits

We Cater To You

Designed for the industry’s elite, Promo Marketing Power Meetings are exclusive relationship building events featuring pre-scheduled one-on-one sessions between distributors and suppliers over 4 days. Each meeting is held in an exclusive suite, securing privacy and improving sales opportunities.

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We have done MANY of these types of events over the past 10+ years, and have found that Power Meetings are our best option. They consistently provide EXCEPTIONAL service, venue selection, and staff support; and they attract quality distributors that are eager to find ways to do actual business! This format lends itself to our style of selling/presenting, and we have our strongest customer relationships as a result of Power Meetings.”
Brannon Craig, Southern Plus

Distributors Are Highly Qualified

We recruit and vet each distributor. We don’t use traditional event marketing practices that deliver large scale with low impact. We gather decision-makers responsible for the intent and budget to purchase.

  • Decision Makers
  • Intent to Purchase
  • Looking for Expert Partners
  • Budget to Purchase
  • $500k and up in sales

Each Component is Designed For Your Success

with powerful industry leaders and align your business with the industry’s best of the best.
with key sales executives who are qualified to handle top-tiered distributors.
new partnerships and expand your strategic, long-term relationships.
We had lots of Power Meetings clients contacting us, but one client, their first order with us was around $45,000. That was a first order! So I can't imagine how much they will place in the future."
Celil Kes, Let's Support